The Hesiad III: The Herocracies

The last book of The Hesiad triology has been published. The book is the end of a series of books which took years to complete, and the beginning of a new series, with a new theme and a new story.

The Herocracies discusses the incarnations of the main character of the series in order to complete his destined task as foretold by the fortune teller in the ancient scrolls. In many ways the book paves the way for the new series, The Apolliad. The Herocracies marks the end and the beginning, the big crunch, before the big bang of a new golden age.

The new book, The Apolliad: Le Chanson de Soleil builds on the strengths and the achievements of the previous series. The main character goes through an incarnation that achieves a culmination between an ancient past that ceased to exist many years ago, and a volatile present in order to lay an anchor for a golden kingdom that has been sailing for so long.


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