The Hesiad III: The Herocracies

The last book of The Hesiad triology has been published. The book is the end of a series of books which took years to complete, and the beginning of a new series, with a new theme and a new story.

The Herocracies discusses the incarnations of the main character of the series in order to complete his destined task as foretold by the fortune teller in the ancient scrolls. In many ways the book paves the way for the new series, The Apolliad. The Herocracies marks the end and the beginning, the big crunch, before the big bang of a new golden age.

The new book, The Apolliad: Le Chanson de Soleil builds on the strengths and the achievements of the previous series. The main character goes through an incarnation that achieves a culmination between an ancient past that ceased to exist many years ago, and a volatile present in order to lay an anchor for a golden kingdom that has been sailing for so long.


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New Songs

Very pleased to say that we have recorded a couple of songs over the last few weeks.

Bunny Hop

features Aaron and Noah.

Available from 7 Dec, and to pre-order from 29 Nov

The Winged Man


Available from 10 Dec, and to pre-order from 1 Dec

Also available on all streaming facilities; amazon music, spotify and so on.

The Hesiad (Part I)

This book is a very long journey that started over 20 years ago. Then I had to start it again, then again a few years ago. Eventually I managed to put it together last year from pieces, notes and miscellaneous writings. It was a tough process, but the book or part I of the trilogy is published now.

I still don’t know what all the controversy that surrounded the time before the publication is based on.

From the press release:

‘Rich, powerful and lyrical verse inspired by the mythical origins of the gods of Egypt. The book traces the return of the ancient Egyptian god, Horus, in human form after an ancient battle and how he navigates his way through contemporary life through a series of incarnations. This is the first book in a trilogy.’

Available online at most book stores.


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Approved the cover proof for my book The Hesiad: A Brief Diary of a Heretical God. It is the first in a trilogy that traces the journey of a main character across several incarnations. The trilogy is lyrical verse and it is rooted in classical mythology. It is also highly influenced by some of my travels and adventures.


Top 1% in Academia Worldwide Ranking

The electronic version of my paper ‘Adam Bede: An Ancient Egyptian Book of Genesis’ has gone viral and I am now in the top 1% of academic worldwide author ranking according to Academia author ranking! The paper is out in print in the next few weeks with MUP. The other paper, ‘A Brief Discussion of the Influence of the Arabian Nights on British Politics in the Late Nineteenth Century’, which went live at the same time and is due for publication next year is in the top 3%.

Big thank you to everyone who helped with this achievement!


Top 1%

TV Interview (Leeds Local TV)

I had my first TV appearance yesterday on Leeds Local TV. I stood with the interviewee outside the Lecture Theatre. The interviewee’s questions revolved around Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit and how it may affect the Yorkshire and Humber Region. I expressed my views on Mrs May’s handling of Brexit and on the whole Brexit situation in a few minutes. My views only represent me, not my employer’s or publishers’.

Doctorate Awarded

I don’t usually add pieces here on things that I tend to slot in the personal category but this month is probably the busiest and the best I’ve had in a few years. I have been awarded the doctorate with minor corrections and have been hired by the University of Leeds as a Teaching Fellow in Drama and Postcolonial Literature. In the mean time cheers to January, let’s keep on rolling!


Adam Bede: An Ancient Egyptian Genesis

Snippets from the paper I read at Tea with the Sphinx Conference in Birmingham last month. The paper discusses George Eliot’s novel Adam Bede, and the author’s attempt to create a new creation story by combining ancient Egyptian motifs with the Genesis story. George Eliot renounced Christianity in her youth and in her first novel she was attempting to create her own gnostic gospel, or alternative to Anglican Victorian Christianity. The paper is scheduled for publication as a chapter contribution in a collected essays volume by Manchester University Press.