Snake Worship in Ancient Egypt

The article is out now in the current issue of Nile Magazine. I discuss in it snake worship in ancient Egypt within the context of an old struggle between monotheism (the Abrahamic faiths in particular) and its ancient rival, polytheism (pagan religions).

Written in the spirit of the ancient wisdom!

Further details on the article and the issue in the link

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2 thoughts on “Snake Worship in Ancient Egypt

  1. I enjoyed reading your article in Nile magazine about The Snake who was god. I am a very interested amateur in all things to do with ancient Egypt and attempt to read hieroglyphs. In the photograph of the Lake of Fire is the hieroglyph in the centre depicting Neith? If so why?


    • Dear Anne, thank you for reading the article and for your inquiry! I am not a specialist in hieroglyphics but the two words on either side of the lake of fire spell ‘nbi’, meaning fire on the left, and “sti” meaining to burn on the right. The cobra in the centre has the same qualities of the lake, being fiery and able to burn.

      I hope this helps, and if there is anything else you would like to inquire about just get in touch.


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