Review: On Socialism

8 Jul

On Socialism
On Socialism by John Stuart Mill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What I like about this book is that it is one of very few and early attempt of visualising a way of putting the Marxist theory into practice. Even at this early stage of socialist thinking, Mill realizes that distributing the wealth onto the proletariat will lead to a state of routine work, where there is neither motivation nor anxiety, however he does not realise that this state of routine will devoid performance of excellence. What he realizes though is that this equality in ownership might need to a lack of managerial quality due to lack of extra bonuses for managers, however he turns it around by assuming that those capable of quality management will eventually decide to be in charge for the overall good of the community which includes there’s. Mill is overlooking two points here: firstly that people including those most idealistic in them don’t tend to do anything without reward whether emotional or monetary; secondly that even if these capable leader decide to take charge who says that the rest of the assumedly less capable community accept their leadership.

In spite of disagreeing with Mill, I respect him for being a pioneering thinker in many emancipatory fields.

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