My Microlight Flight

I have managed finally to put my birthday present into action and actually go on a flying lesson. It was absolutely amazing, I loved it, the closest to flying I could ever be. At some point I literally opened my arms in the air, hugging the wind as widely as I could and living the dream of having wings.

I tried to fly back in September, but because of unsuitable weather conditions, it had to be delayed for yesterday. It was freezing up there I have to say, but absolutely beautiful. The sky was clear, apart from a brush of a cloud that turned amber and red in the sunset against a background of violet blue. 

I was also blessed to have some guys from the flying club flying nearby to take picture of us for their magazine, which resulted in these fantastic pictures.

The moment I looked down to see the earth drop beneath me, my world changed forever.



There are more pictures on Airways Airsports facebook page and my Flickr photostream


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