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A Touch of the World

13 Aug

I have recently joined a website called CouchSurfing. The main aim of the website is to create a world community of hosters and travelers, so that people traveling cheap could find free accommodation and good company of locals every where, but my aim of joining was to meet new people and make some friends. There is nothing wrong in that as there is no obligation on members to host people. Afterall not every body has got a big enough place.

A few days ago, I saw a post on the Sheffield group; someone had suggested going out for a walk on the Rivelin valley. We went out yesterday, we were eight people of six nationalities: British, German, Polish, Egyptian, Japanese and Chinese. None of us had ever seen the other before. We walked for two hours until the end of the valley and came back, four hours in total, quite a long walk. We broke the time by talking to each other. There was a lot to talk about since we did not know each other. We spoke about everything; our different cultures, our backgrounds, our studies, work, politics, anything we could talk about.

It was a fascinating experience, a worldly one in every sense of the word, as though we had managed to sneak peek into old Babylon with its various peoples, cultures and languages. Each one of us was a viceroy for a day, a representative of a distant culture that he was not very much in touch with anymore. Wa walked along the old river, pouring our experiences in it, dropping in its fresh water words of English in many accents and colours until we came back to the starting point, the end of the walk. We will meet again, maybe somewhere else, maybe as different people, but as humans we definitely will.