Limitations of the Soul

23 Jul

The soul is one of these modern-time controversial topics, like religion and science. Not everybody believes that there is a soul. Those who do, however, and I am one of them, perceive the soul as this mysterious force that fills the body with life and with its departure the body dies and disintegrates. The soul is this immortal part of us that lives on and on.

Some people have taken the immortality of the soul even further through the concept of reincarnation; believing that when the soul leaves a body it is reborn again in another body. Buddhists apply the concept to human and animal alike. Thus a man can be reborn a lion, a goose or a butterfly, and they explain the deja vu phenomenon as glimpses from former lives. Others confine the concept of reincarnation to special people. Shiite muslims for example believe only their main Imams have the capability to incarnate.

The soul’s immortality comes with its limitations. The soul is normally confined to the power and quality of the body it is inhabiting. If the body is disabled mentally or physically then the soul is temporarily disabled until the life of the body expires and it is set free again, and if the body is healthy and the brain cells are of a very high quality the soul thrives and the person becomes a scientist, an artist or an athlete depending on choice, life-style and surrounding environment.


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