The Nearest Thing to Having Wings

2 Jul

I always had a fascination with flying and wings. Growing up on the sea coast, I watched the gulls flying around every day, soaring high and diving quickly down to snatch a fish from the sea every now and again. As a child I dreamed a lot of having wings, and as I grew up I realized this dream would never come true, however my fascination with wings and flying never grew less, and consciously or unconsciously I always talked about it.

Yesterday was my birthay, and to my surprise I got a very unsual present;  a 20 minute microlight flying experience on a motor-powered hang glider, the closest thing to having wings. How exciting is that?! No wonder my wife was obsessed with  checking my weight recently trying to make sure I’m not too heavy; the flying school does not accept students who are heavier than 95 kilograms (14.5 stones). I’m slightly under that, not fat though, just  broad-boned 🙂

I will book it after Ramadan, some time towards the end of August, beginning of September. Can’t wait to fly with the birds!!


2 Responses to “The Nearest Thing to Having Wings”

  1. Maro JPN July 2, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    While reading this I remembered our discussion in class about your favourite song ‘I believe I can Fly’ …. Happy to know that your dream is coming true :))


    • HBastawy July 3, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

      It has been a while, I miss this song, might listen to it tonight. Thanks Maro 🙂


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