The Truth About Love 2

27 Jun

So we have found our soul mates, life is beautiful and full of love and we can’t imagine it ever going wrong. We are true soul mates nothing can ever change that or drift us apart. What if you do drift apart? What if one of you starts feeling something for someone else?

Some would say then you were not real soul mates. How do we know? No, there is no such a thing as that.

Each one of us is born with certain needs and feelings, because humans are social animals we are born with the need for coupling and sharing our lives with someone else, and maybe start a family. When we find someone whom we think is suitable for us, we project the fulfillment of our needs on them, the satisfaction of our feelings. It works if they do the same thing and this starts a relationship. After a while when we know each other inside out, and the fun of exploration is over, what’s left is the sense of satisfaction which being in a relationship gives.

Because the pleasure of curiosity is over, the slightest deprivation of the satisfaction we are getting from the relationship due to business at work or  financial problems can very well trigger boredom. If this coincides with encountering another person who triggers our curiosity we start to sinfully project our unsatisfied needs and feelings towards them. And this is what we call cheating.

Then we start to question everything, we question our love to them, and our relationship itself. We start to think that we don’t love them anymore. Although love was not involved at all, we only projected our unsatisfied needs and feelings onto someone else and we only need to redirect them towards the right person. However in this case, it might be too late, they might not want a cheat back, no matter how much love they think they hold for us.

This scenario can be avoided if we realize what’s happening earlier. If we avoid the distraction of feelings, if we clean the lenses of our needs projectors every now and again. It would all be well if we make ourselves aware of what’s happening before it’s too late.


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