The New Egyptian President – whoever it will be

19 Jun

In a former post I mentioned my full convention that the presidential elections in Egypt is choreographed by the SCAF and the coming president is pre-selected. The man I was talking about was of course Ahmad Shafiq, Mubarak’s ex-prime minister, and there are a lot of commonalities between him and Mubarak to support the argument: Both are ex-pilots, ex-military, are in the same age range, have good connections with elite business men. This post however is not going to be about Ahmad Shafiq, but about the concept of a new president in SCAF’s Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Morsy, the only other candidate in the race, is resourceless in comparison to Shafiq. The Muslim Brotherhood’s members are not the majority of the Egyptians, so their votes if counted will not guarantee a victory for Morsy. The only thing and the most important thing in Morsy’s favour is the fact that he is the only other standing candidate, and his victory would mean the saving of the revolution to most Egyptians. The SCAF’s choreography has come in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood, though unintentionally, and a lot of people are voting for them simply for one reason; the lesser of two evils.

Whether the SCAF’s plan to push Shafiq through as a president succeeds or the public pressure to have true elections prevails, the new president will only be a mere poppet in the hands of the SCAF.  A new president does not mean the dispersion of the military council, or the end of their days in power. A new president means that they will have a civil blind to operate behind and carry on what they are doing, someone in nonuniform clothing to do as he is told. The new Egyptian president will be very far from being a pharoah, he will only be a lame stone sculpture of one.


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