On Egypt’s Presidential Elections

15 Jun

When the Egypytian Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) announced in January that the presidential elections will be held as scheduled in June, many people viewed the announcement as suspicious and thought the SCAF was lying as usual. The SCAF managed in a very short time after heading the country to gain the mass distrust of the majority of Egyptians because of adopting Mubarak’s governing methods and making no attempts at improving the political or economic situation and cracking down on demonstrators with the same ruthlessness and brutality of Mubarak’s reign. A lot of activists and political demonstrators were sentenced to prison in staged military courts. Torture was executed like before, but even worse; there were so-called virginity checks on girls, and major incidents of stripping female demonstrators in the streets.

June came, the elections started, and the hunger for democracy blinded a lot of people to a lot of things and the masses took to voting. Local and international media called it Egypt’s first ever free presidential elections, knowing that there has never been one before in Egypt’s seven thousand years of history and contribution to civilisation. The shock came when the results of the elections were announced; a deadlock between Mubarak’s ex-prime minister and the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate. Voters found themselves having to make a hard choice between two candidates who have never been widely popular or even tolerated.

The Muslim Brotherhood did not support the revolution when it started and stood watching behind the neutral line to see whose side to take, the people or the regime they had stricken a deal with. Even when the people toppled Mubarak, and demonstrated against the autocracy and non-change policy of the SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood sychophantically supported the SCAF and stayed away from trouble. The bullets of the SCAF and the blood of the thousands that died and got injured never swayed them from their power-seeking determination. So it was hard for many to see the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate in the top 2. It was even harder to most to see Mubarak’s ex-prime minister as the candidate with the most votes. Afterall he is the man who administered the battle of the camel and sent thugs to disperse the protesters in Tahrir Square.

It is time for the Egyptians to realize that the elections were not as true as declared to be. The SCAF are Mubarak’s men, they followed his lead in every aspect of governance and policing, why would they change now and provide the country with true elections. How  come those who had about them enough criminality to send snipers to assassinate and blind as many as they could of peaceful protesters would develop the nobility to save a revolution they never believed in by providing the country with its first ever true elections?


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